“When I need to hire a bassist for a demanding concert…(a lot of music, and little time to learn it)…I always see if Nate’s available first. He’s a total professional, makes the music feel great, reads well, and simply has the musical instincts that great players have. I can always depend on him to learn the songs and make every artist he’s working with very, very happy!”

-Brian Simpson

Shanacie Recording Artist/Musical Director


“Nate is absolutely amazing and an asset to any musical situation. Having him part of a project will not only guarantee you a slammin’ bottom end, but you will have one of the nicest, most good-natured and funniest guys around to keep the mood light and joyful. Solid, super-dependable, mega-musical, you can’t go wrong with Nate!”

-Dave Koz


“Nathaniel Kearney, Jr. is a young man doing it the right way! He understands his gift, but also understands the responsibility that comes with it. Extremely talented, Big pocket, tasteful, great soloist, great synth bass player, punctual, & nicely dressed! I could go on but I won’t. If you hire him for anything you will not be disappointed!”

-Herman Jackson

Keyboardist for Aretha Franklin, James Ingram, Stevie Wonder, American Idol


“Working with Nathaniel was a total blast. It’s always a great pleasure when musician brings something extra to my band.Nathaniel came in knowing my music better than I did, and his natural groove and sparkle brought a magic to my show that I will always remember.  Looking forward to the next time, man!”

-Chuck Loeb


“The correct timing , feel , sound …He’s all of that.   Simply the correct call to make !!!!”

-Khari Parker

Drummer for Destiny’s Child, Raphael Saadiq, Jeff Lorber


“Nathaniel Kearney is a fantastic professional musician that always brings his A game to my performances. He is well prepared and brings a wonderful energetic attitude to the stage. His playing is in the pocket and he works diligently to make every show successful.  I look forward to playing with him again!”

-Tom Braxton


“Nathaniel is a class act all the way around. Professional, competent, and consistent – He’s among the favorites of top musicians in Los Angeles …”

-Jae Deal

Bassist/Keyboardist/Producer for Janet Jackson, Dru Hill, Jessica Simpson, Elton John…


“Nate Kearney, bass extraordinaire, has been such a pleasure to work with. It’s inspiring to hear a bass in the hands of a man who knows what he’s doing. Every night, great bass playing…we call him Mr Consistent.”

-Jonathan Butler


“Nathaniel Kearney is the perfect combination of a great musician and a great person.  Every time I hear him play or share the stage with him, he sounds infinitely better than the last time I heard him.  Always prepared and on point…he is simply THAT DUDE!!!”

-Marqueal Jordan

Saxophonist/Vocalist, Recording Artist